Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Hey readers!

After further thought, (and many glorious ideas of how I could edit Love Lies farther,) I have decided to bring the saga back! :-)

So try checking back every once in awhile to see more chapters!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Love Lies Chapter 63

“Mr. Sambora is happy, and he’s hoping Mrs. Sambora is too!” He laughed as he kissed my neck.

“I am!”

The song ended, and Richie held me tight as we walked over to talk to his parents, who I had actually never talked to before, except for when we were younger.

“Mom,” Richie smiled as we walked up to her.

“Richard!” She smiled, kissing his cheeks like a child. “This is beautiful! And Kmae! You’re beautiful as ever!”

“Thanks, Joan,” I smiled.

“Joan? I’m ‘mom’ now!” She laughed, kissing my cheeks too.

I blushed, and turned to find Richie, who had gone over to talk to Adam, his dad.

Me and Richie’s mom talked for awhile, then I went and talked to Richie’s dad.

“What time is it?” Jon asked, looking at me as I watched everyone dancing drunkingly.

“About midnight. This wedding sure went by fast,” I said.

“Where’s Richie?”

I pointed over to him, where he was holding two beers in his hand and was dancing awkwardly with Tico.

“Found him,” Jon laughed.

I took a sip of my drink. I wasn’t drunk, but I didn’t feel good.

“You feeling okay?” Jon asked.

I shrugged. “I think I’m just tired.”

“It should be wrapping up in a bit, I’m guessing.”

“Woo Hoo!! Kmae! Whatcha doin’!?” Richie yelled across the room. I laughed.

“Come here!” I smiled.

He tumbled over, spilling his beers on the way. “You’re so cute, I spilled my beers for you!”

“Everybody’s clearing out, the paparazzi’s gone,” Jon said. “I told the limo driver to watch you guys..” he winked.

“Jon,” I smiled, “not until we get to the hotel room.”

Jon made a disgusted look, as Richie hiccupped, and rattled on about stuff he wanted to do.

“Let’s go get in the limo,” I said, grabbing his hand.

He dropped the two red solo cups and came out the door with me.

Me and Richie piled into the limo, with me basically on Richie’s lap.

Really, to honestly tell you the truth, we did have sex. The best ever, if you want to get into details.

The next morning, I woke up in our hotel room. Everything was qiuet, and I was freezing cold. I rolled over, with Richie sleeping soundless beside me, still with his hat on, and naked.

He always slept so quietly, with his brown eyes looking ever-so-cute, and a beer bottle cradled on his chest.

I cuddled closer to him, feeling his body heat on mine, making me shiver. The radio was turned on to “Close Your Eyes Forever,” and I could almost feel Richie’s heart beating to it.

I must’ve fallen asleep again, with Richie’s soft voice waking me up, sending more shivers down my spine.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Love Lies Chapter 62

I felt the tears come down as Richie stepped down from the piano, and came towards me.

"You know, there's something else I'd love to give you."

"What's more? You already gave me enough!"

He pulled something from his pocket, and looked at me. "Put out your hand."

I did as he said, as he dropped something into my hand.

I slowly opened it. "Keys?" I said, looking at the keys laying in my hand.

"Yeah," he smiled.

"For what? These can't be car keys," I said puzzled.

"They're for a house," he smiled and looked me in the eyes. "We're moving back to New Jersey."

I wrapped my arms around him. "Really?! Yay! I've missed Jersey!"

"Yes! There's movers moving things right now. When we're home, we won't be in California, we'll be in New Jersey."

I couldn't help but kiss him full on the lips as everyone clapped.

"Can I have this dance?" he whispered in my ear.

I smiled, and looked him in the eyes. "You may."

"Never Say Goodbye" slowly began playing, as he swirled us around the dance hall like we were king an queen. Everyone around us disappeared as Jon watched in patience. I couldn't help but wonder, what was Jon thinking right now? Was he thinking of what he had? Or what he lost?

"You lost more then that in my back seat baby..."

Yeah, that is true. I had lost my virginity in Jon's backseat of the old blue Chevy he had, that one summer in '78. I had just met Richie that day, and I also almost lost him as a few guys from school had tried to beat the heck out of him. But that's a whole different story.

Richie put his lips to my ear as the son slowly began to end. "Are you happy, Mrs. Sambora?"

"Not unless Mr. Sambora is," I laughed.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Love Lies Chapter 61

"Kmae?" Richie whispered.

I finally woke, the blackness slowly fading away, and I could see myself looking up at a wall.

"What happened?" I asked.

"Well, Jon, would you like to explain?" Krystal said, her arms folded across her chest as she made a face at Jon.

"Well," he started, "I was trying to protect you from Sebastian, and I well, hit you."

I put my hand on my face. "You hit like a girl."

"I'm so sorry," Jon said. "I didn't see you. and I thought I was hitting Seb."

I sat up. "Where are we anyways?"

"In the back of the mansion," Jon said. "We better hurry if you guys still want to have your first dance as husband and wife."

I looked at Richie, as he looked at me. "Do you think you'll be okay?"

I nodded. "Of course, it's not like he put me in a coma."

Richie laughed as he helped me up, and we went back into the mansion.

"Well, you know," Jon stated, as we all sat down, and he began to give his speech before the music was set up and everything, "I've been a friend of Richie and Kmae's for a long time. Me and Kmae, we've had our share of events."

Please don't say that at my wedding, I said to myself, putting my hand on my face.

"But they're both my family. I couldn't see myself without either of them in my lives. There wouldn't be a me if I didn't have them, if I didn't meet either of them, there'd be a hole in my heart," Jon said, almost crying as he put a fake smile on through the tears, "I ruined Kmae's angels, and she still didn't kick me out of the wedding. I just punched her out by accident and she still joked with me about me not hitting her like a man. She's my inspiration for everything, music, and she's helped me through everything. And her with Richie is even more beautiful. I wouldn't ever be able to see Richie with anyone else, except for the spunky girl from Iowa who changed his life around."

I felt myself crying, as I laid my head on Richie's shoulder, as Jon continued to speak.

"Richie's my best friend, and I'm glad he's gotten the person he's dreamed of for his whole lifetime. I'm glad that even though everything that has ever happened between all of us has finally been resolved, and these two are finally married, and happy. I've ruined parts of this wedding, yes, but Kmae and Richie forgave me for everything, and I'm truly grateful. I just hope and pray for them, and what they'll be when they're older. I love them."

Everyone clapped, and the clanging of glasses erupted through the room as I tried to wipe away my tears.

Richie looked at me. "He's something special, isn't he?"

I nodded, because I couldn't talk, after hearing all of that.

The music began to play, but first, Richie stopped it.

"Can I sing the song I wrote for her?" he asked the DJ.

The guy nodded, as Richie sat down at the piano.

"I didn't know you played piano," I laughed.

He smiled, and the DJ gave him the microphone.

"This is called 'If I Can't Have Your Love,'" he smiled, and slowly began to sing:

It's hard to remember a time

When I didn't have you, when I didn't have nothing but a cold bed to come to at


That was all I knew, until there was you

And then you took my world and turned it all around

I couldn't live without you now

Baby, if I can't have your love

If I can't feel your touch I got nothing

Baby, if I can't taste your kiss then I don't exist

I got nothing

No I can't imagine living life without you

I can't imagine living life without your love

I wake up with you by my side

Can't let go, I can't even bear the thought of you in another man's eyes

I would lose control, I would die

'Cause now you're in my heart and I can't let you out

I gotta keep you here somehow

Baby, if I can't have your love

If I can't feel your touch I got nothing

Baby, if I can't taste your kiss then I don't exist

I got nothing

If I can't be your man, I wouldn't know who I am

I got nothing

I got nothing

No, I can't imagine living life without you

I can't imagine living life without your love

'Cause I can't imagine living life without you

Can't imagine living life without your love

Believe me baby I don't mean to doubt you

But if you ever leave, that would be the end of me, baby

Baby, if I can't feel your touch I got nothing

Baby, if I can't taste your kiss then I don't exist

I got nothing

I got nothing

If I can't be your man, I wouldn't know who I am

I'd be nothing

Baby, if I can't have your love

If I can't feel your touch

I got nothing

No, I can't imagine living life without you....

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Love Lies Chapter 60

"You may now kiss your bride!" The priest laughed.

Richie looked me in the eyes as I wrapped my arms around his neck, and pressing my lips to his. The crowd erupted in claps and excitement as I finally pulled away, and me and Richie turned to look at everyone.

"Now what?" Alec said from behind Richie.

Everyone burst out laughing as cameras flashed and me and Richie walked down the aisle to say "hello" to everyone.

"That was weird," Jon said.

I looked at him weird. "What do you mean?"

"You guys got married, and I'm still single."

I rolled my eyes. "Jon, you'll be okay."

"My best friend just got married, and yesturday I got chewed out for dropping angels."

"You're gonna be fine," I laughed.

Richie held onto my hand as I said hello and hugged everyone.

We walked out the door and was followed by trails of flashes from the cameras and people shouting our names. There was a white stretch limo, followed by three other ones waiting.

"The first one's ours, the next three are for the wedding parties," Richie said.

We climbed into the first limo, and sat looking at eachother.

"I don't know what to say, Mrs. Sambora," Richie smiled.

I smiled too. "Back at you, Mr. Sambora."

He smiled. "Do you believe we've gotten this far?"

"No, I can't. It's weird. Like, we're just starting to date."

Richie caught me by surprise, jumping into my seat and french-kissing me, as we sat in the limo making out.

The driver opened the door as I tried to pull my dress back up.

"Where's Mr. Sambora?" The driver asked, looking at me concerned.

"He'll be a few minutes, uh, late," I said, getting out of the limo, trying to hide the almost naked Richie behind me.

"I didn't think the limo ride was THAT long!" the driver said, laughing as we got out of the limo.

Richie came quickly behind me, as we went into the big mansion Richie had rented for our wedding.

He grabbed my hand as we walked into the ballroom part of the house.

"Where's Jon?" I asked.

Richie shrugged as I spotted someone in the corner, sociallizing with someone.

"Who is that?" I squinted.

Slowly, the figure came towards me. "Kmae! Was up dude?!"

Oh shit.

Sebastian emerged from the darkened part of the room.

"Seb, why are you here?"

"'Cuz I wanted to see what I almost had once," he grabbed my arm from Richie.

"Stop!" I cried, and Richie turned back towards me.

"Seb? What the hell are you doing?" Jon's voice echoed.

"Kmae!" Krystal yelled, "Stop Jon!"

Jon came up beside me, suckerpunching Seb.

"Stop!" I cried, as Seb's grip was ripped from my skin, and something hit me.

I felt everything around me go black, with the screams of Jon, Richie and Krystal all around me.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Love Lies Chapter 59

"He'd never stoop that low," Richie said.

"HE HAS BEFORE!!" I said.

Richie shushed me. "Hush, Beauty, or you won't be able to calm down."

"He RUINED my angels!" I screamed, and buried my head in Richie's shoulder.

I could feel his hand rubbing my back. "You're okay, you're with me," he whispered.

He wrapped his arms around my waste. "You want to do something?"

I smiled through the tears. "Like what?"

"The game of love, where you do 'stuff.'"

I smiled. "I think I know what you mean."

He matched my smile and lifted me up into his arms, kissing me ever-so gently, and carrying me up the marble suitcase.

Later, we boarded the plane, and set off for Paris, France.


"Shut up," Krystal laughed as I showed her the chipped fingernail polish on my hand that she had done. "Not everybody can do their nails perfect."

"No! They're awesome! Nothing more nail polish can't fix."

She laughed, as she curled her hair up into a bun. "Does it look okay?"

"Yeah!" I said.

She had her bridesmaid dress on, which was a teal blue, and had her hair in a bun.

"Jon won't be able to keep his hands off me," she laughed, as she had a hair pin in her mouth.

I shook my head, as I smoothed out my dress. "Is this real?"

"What do you mean?" She asked as she looked in the mirror.

"Am I really getting married? To Richie Sambora?"

She turned around and looked at me, and smiled. "Yes, Kmae, you are."

"It doesn't seem real."

She grabbed my engagement ring from the table beside her. "Does this look real enough to you?"

I shook my head in disbelief. "Wow, me and Richie have come far."

"Yeah you guys have."

The door opened, as a lady stepped in. "Kmae, Krystal? You've got five minutes."

I swallowed hard, and she shut the door.

"You'll be okay, right?" Krystal asked.

"Yeah, I mean, it's Richie. We've been together for how many years.."

"You'll be fine."

I smiled as I hugged her, and we set out into the church.

Our wedding consisted of friends of Richie, and the band, and some old friends from our highschool.

The music began playing as I slowly waited for everyone to walk down the aisle. Then, it was my turn, as Jon walked me down the aisle, and everyone stood up. The sounds of whispers going through the church was almost buzzing in my ears, as flashes and clicks of cameras blinded me.

Jon slowly walked us up, and then, I could see my prince.

Richie stood tall, smiling at me as I walked down the aisle towards him. He looked handsome, with his suit and a rose in his tux.

Jon looked at me, smiled, then let me go as I stood beside Richie.

"You look beautiful," he whispered.

I smiled, because that's all I could do. I couldn't talk.

"Dearly beloved," the priest began. But after that, I couldn't hear anything but the thump thump of my heart.

"Do you, Richie Sambora, take Kmae Bruce to be your wife?"

Richie smiled as he turned towards me and held both of my hands.

"Of course, I do." He smiled. Laughter erupted from the crowd.

"And Kmae?"

"I, I do." I stuttered, but then finally said it.

"Do we have the rings?" The priest smiled.

Richie pulled our rings out of his tux, and slid the ring onto my finger.

"I'll love you forever, Kmae, you understand?" he whispered.

I shook my head. "I love you too."

The priest smiled. "Well, as far as I can tell, we've got two love birds. Why don't I make them husband and wife?"

Richie smiled and gribbed my hand tighter.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife, ladies and gentleman, Mr. and Mrs. Richie Sambora."

Love Lies Chapter 58

A few days passed, me and Krystal went dress shopping, picking out a beautiful mermaid gown, with sequins, and a long train.

I took it home, hid it in my closet, and prayed that Richie wouldn't find it.

2 Days before the wedding: Me and Richie's house.

"Are you going to bring much?" Richie asked.

"Nope, my dress, my hair curler..."

"Dress?" Richie smiled. "Can I see?"


"And why not?"

"You're the groom! You can't see yet!"

Richie laughed and rolled his eyes, and began talking in a foreign accent. "The things I do for love around here."

"Well, you could always just wait two days."

"I never thought of that."

"Why'd you think we were going to Paris?"

Richie shrugged, and then laughed. "I knew about the wedding, how could I forget?"

"You could be like an old lady and forget."

"But I'm not an old lady," he laughed.

There was a slam downstairs, followed by a shatter of glass.

"What the hell was that?" Richie exclaimed, as he darted out of the room, going down the stairs.

I followed after him, gliding down the staircase.

"Jon?" Richie said. "What the hell are you doing?"

I came up behind Richie, and my mouth dropped.

Jon stood there, with three broken angel statues that my mother had given to me the year she died. They were supposed to be on the table for my wedding.

"Jon!" I cried. "What the fuck were you doing?!"

"I was just...setting my suitcase down."

I felt the hot tears come down as I dashed passed Richie to grab the broken angels.

"Jon!" I screamed. "You KNEW these were all I had left of my mother!"


I felt the fury build up inside me. "You dirty rotten-"

"Kmae! I didn't mean to!" He interuppted.

"Well, why would you touch them anyways?"

"Because, I thought you'd want me to put them on the table."

I clenched my fists tighter as I looked down at the shattered angels. "Jon, get out."

Jon walked away with his head hung low, as Richie came down from the stairway. "Do you think superglue will work?"

"I don't think so."

Richie bent down, and put his hand under my chin. "Are you okay?"

I stood up. "No! I'm not! I don't know what Jon's problem is, and why he's got to ruin MY stuff for his sake." I began to cry.

Richie hugged me. "Kmae, it was probably just an accident."

"An accident?" I said. "Don't you think he'd have to PUSH those angels down to get them to fall? They can't fall from just a suitcase falling."

Richie looked me in the eyes with his I-highly-doubt-Jon-would-stoop-that-low look. "Kmae, just relax."

"Relax? That's all I had LEFT of my mother!"

Richie held me tighter against the cool fabric of his t-shirt. "I'm really sorry Kmae, I wish I could fix them."

"Jon needs to stop, he's going to ruin our wedding."